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I believe hypnotherapy is a very powerful technique that can help bring awareness in clients and it is a great tool to work on limiting beliefs, phobias, trauma and everything that is stuck in our subconscious, holding us back and not allowing us to break free.

When I talk to clients and people about hypnosis, I often get suspicious reactions. It is common to think that hypnosis is either a fake or a dangerous way to control other people’s minds.


Real hypnosis is far from those movie-like stereotypes, so let me tell you a bit more about it.

Human beings have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind. Imagine a person sitting on an elephant. The rider is the conscious, rational, logical mind and the elephant is the subconscious mind full of emotion and feelings. The rider sets goals, plans their life and uses their talents and problem solving skills but the elephant is running the show. The elephant holds all the mistaken beliefs, destructive patterns and emotional fears.

Now, because the subconscious is processing about 4 billion bits of information every second, it is so powerful that it can quite easily take an irrational belief and hold it as if it were the truth. With hypnosis I have the ability to talk to the inner mind and give it suggestions to create new thoughts, beliefs and behaviours. To do this I use a deliberately softer voice with a relaxing rhythm to calm the mind and body and send you into either a light or deep state of trance depending on what we need to achieve.

I had hypnosis done on myself and I use it on clients and it is always a very pleasant experience, a moment in which everything slows down, mind, body and brain. This state of deeper calm is perfect to build new and more positive beliefs and remove negative blocks we have. Hypnosis is also used for dealing with trauma, memory loss, smoking cessation, and many more issues, but also for more common problems like stress, anxiety or simply to relax and release physical and psychological tension.

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